What is holding you back from the future?

What is holding you back from the future?

Are you a business owner who realises they need to take the next step in managing your company’s data? And yet, you find yourself hesitating in taking the next step.

You are not alone.

Are you worried it’s all too technical?

NotaZone is as easy to use as Facebook or your mobile phone.

Don’t have the time to start something new?

Our team works at a pace that suits you with regular training and support.   

Concerned about the cost of change?

Don’t be!

“At Agrantec, we regularly meet ambitious and determined clients who want to embrace the changes within the dynamic food industry and yet find themselves constrained due to limited budgets” shares Adrian Talbot, Business Development Director at Agrantec.

As a British software company, we wanted to make sure we empower businesses, regardless of their sizes, to ensure we create an environment where best industry practices can be exercised without worries such as cost holding our clients back.

Andy Bingham, Operations Director at Agrantec adds, “Our mission is to build Trust, enable Traceability, and lead to Transformation within the food industry and our client’s business. By creating a cost effective solution we ensure more clients can get the benefits and embrace practices that will have lasting impact on our consumers, the economy and finally, the wider food industry.   

Please get in touch and discuss how we can help you future proof your business.

Surging Forward

Agrantec enables you to future-proof your success with NotaZone when you trust, trace and transform.


NotaZone simplifies your traceability and provenance goals. Keeping trace at its core, the software equips you to operate effectively and efficiently.


Traceability in your processes and trust in NotaZone’s robust functionality empowers your business to transform.


Agrantec promises to provide consistent, simple and accurate reporting of complex data. Your trust in NotaZone, allows you to build trust with your customers.