Stock Management

Keeping tabs on where goods are currently stored can be a frustrating process in a paper-based system. NotaZone makes it quick and easy to track and update the warehouse location of your batches, saving time and improving the efficiency of your warehousing process.


Never lose another item

NotaZone allows you to track each single item individually as it moves through the transport and stocking process. You can easily trace exactly where it is, where it has been, under what conditions, and how long it has been there.

And all this can now be done remotely, from your computer desktop, without phone calls or emails. And it’s updated in real time, so as soon as an item is scanned, you know where it is.

  • Full visibility of current stock levels
  • Monitor each individual product if required
  • Spot weakness in warehouse processes

Automatic stock level tracking with instant location

Keeping track of stocks held in remote locations can be a real problem. Today it’s hard for smaller producers to know if items are stocking out or running past the “Sell By” date – until it is too late.

NotaZone solves this problem by giving you access to the current stock situation at any precise moment. You know where everything is, at any moment, and can predict stock outs well in advance.

  • Trace stock levels remotely
  • Predict production more accurately
  • Reduce waste and shipment delays

Automatic track the history of any single item

One of the major weaknesses of current warehouse tracing is that it works on large batches of goods or produce. NotaZone allows you to trace individual items, which unlocks an entirely new set of valuable attributes for consumers.

Now, for the first time, procuders can unqiuely identify their produce on the supermarket shelf, and use the unique traceablility to help explain the quality and price point against competition.

  • Trace your produce through the stock chain
  • Reassure consumers of your quality
  • Prove the originality of your produce
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