Paperless and secure

Our robust cloud platform enables you to easily store and track large quantities of data. The paperless, secure and easy-to-use one-stop solution lets you track anything in an instant.

Extensive Configurability

NotaZone is flexible and can be configured to meet your specific requirements. As you grow, NotaZone grows with you. Using the core application, the platform can be adapted to meet your company’s specific needs.

Supplier Management

NotaZone can intelligently manage multiple suppliers. The Supplier Portal provides an easy-to-use oversight of the entire food supply chain and your suppliers.

Alerts and Notifications

We provide reminders and alerts for virtually all failures, deviations, events, stock updates or conditions, allowing you to stay on top of any changes to your everyday operations schedule.

Central Data Management

You can centrally set-up, control and manage all data through NotaZone, including records such as recipes, stock, employee timesheets and much more.


We want you to be food safety audit-ready every day. NotaZone sends you regular reports on vital information, such as stocks and storage temperatures, to ensure your business is always HACCP compliant.