Reporting Suite

Managers often struggle to get a quick and complete overview of the production process, QC issues and stocking Situation. NotaZone has built-in on-the-fly reporting that offers a range of standard reports and customized reports that deliver a real-time status snapshot.


Keep an overview of the entire production process

Every piece of data from your production and transportation processes be easily created, stored, managed and tracked using NotaZone’s simple, efficient cloud-based interface.

And because NotaZone is cloud-based, you can share the data across all your entire team, wherever they are, at any point in the process, without the need to install any software.

  • Upload and track any kind of data
  • Generate instant progress and issue reports
  • Keep track of real-time status

Create timely and accurate status reports for management

Reporting is often a major headache for managers. Collecting and collating data from emails, spreadsheets, handwritten forms – even verbal exchanges – leads to confusion and inaccurate reporting.

NotaZone solves all these problems by allowing you to trace your processes through one central system used by everybody. That eliminates the need to track down information, and allows you to make timely, accurate reports on demand.

  • On demand reporting of the latest data
  • Snapshots of any point in the process
  • Quickly highlight missing data or process issues

Investigate process weaknesses and issues directly from your desk

Reports are supposed to help management make decisions. NotaZone allows faster, more intelligent decision-making by rapidly revealing errors or issues in real-time, without leaving your desk.

NotaZone can be setup to flag missing, bad or incomplete data before a critical step is reached, allowing you to conform to legislation, avoid delays and reduce spoilage.

  • Monitor progress towards critical process points
  • Trap errors before they become serious
  • Save time and money
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