Recipe Management

Using the NotaZone Recipe Management System moves recipes from a desktop or paper based application to a cloud based solution that allows staff to collaborate and work on their recipe data quickly and efficiently. Add new recipes or make changes from anywhere, even on the go, and ensure that your team are always referencing the most recent version of their data.


Simple storage of recipes in one place

The NotaZone Recipe Management System automates the process of managing your food production process at a single site or across multiple locations. Previously a manually intensive and inefficient process, NotaZone automates the process by pulling data from the comprehensive ingredient library, and linking your recipe to orders received and batches made. Each recipe allows the business to effectively manage expected and final batch yields.

  • Ensure tight management over recipes of foods and beverages
  • Meet product quality, consistency, and traceability requirements
  • Quick access to records is a time saver and speeds up the procedures involved

Create recipes quickly and easily

Creating new recipes is easy and intuitive, as is copying an existing recipe. Unlike a free form system like Word, all of your recipes will always look the same since your recipes follow a format that ensures consistency. A recipe can inlude all the items that make up a final product ‘pack’, including packaging, film and label stock. This ensures a consistent approach and an elimination of errors.

  • Track any measurements required
  • Spot mishaps early on
  • Ensure end product quality

Seamless link to production

NotaZone Recipes provides an easy way for your team to view recipes/instructions and their resulting production batches in the production environment and so eliminates the need for distributing paper, binders and other associated documentation.

  • Seamless link to production
  • Confirms changes are reflected in the production cycle
  • Eliminates paper work in busy production environments
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