When things go wrong it is not always easy to trace the problem back to the root cause. NotaZone solves that problem by allowing you to track every unit as it moves through the production process, storing the data for later retrieval and assessment.


Now you can trace your entire production process, end-to-end

For the first time, NotaZone allows every producer, no matter what size, to track their production from start to finish. Produce can be traced at any point in the process, even from the shop shelf, back to the producer, farm, field, batch and even animal.

NotaZone keeps detailed records for every single item you produce, tracing it’s journey from producer to consumer, and allows you to trace that journey in real time.

  • Full end-to-end production traceability
  • Real time status of production progress
  • Granular tracking of individual products

Ensures full regulatory compliance

Food production is a highly regulated industry, with myriad rules and quality control requirements. NotaZone helps you trace your produce in compliance with those legal requirements, without adding any time or paperwork overhead.

Now you can trace your produce across the cold chain, or re-assure inspectors or consumers of the provenance of your produce quickly and easily, with the click of a mouse.

  • Enables easy compliance
  • Reduces paperwork hassle
  • Automatic reporting of custodial chain

Explain your unique value to consumers

Because NotaZone tracks each individual product back through the production process, it offers a uniquely powerful way to engage with end consumers, helping explain and defend the value of your produce.

Through the Follow This Food smartphone app, consumers can scan a small bar code on each product and immediately see where the food comses from, how it was produced, when, where and by whom. That gives producers a unique opportunty to explain why their produce is worth more than the standard item on the next shelf.

  • Explain your unique production technique
  • Assure consumers of the quality your brand represents
  • Prove your authenticity
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