Production Planning

The NotaZone Production Planning module helps you create production manufacturing plans and detailed schedules that increase production throughput and optimises inventory of finished goods and raw materials. You can save time and costs across your production process and meet your goals with accurate, effective production plans that minimise resource constraints. Manufacturing planning time is reduced significantly, even in highly complex production environments.


Empowers you to plan

The NotaZone Recipe Management System automates the process of managing your food production process at a single site or across multiple locations. Previously a manually intensive and inefficient process, NotaZone automates the process by pulling data from the comprehensive ingredient library, and linking your recipe to orders received and batches made. Each recipe allows the business to effectively manage expected and final batch yields.

  • Ensure tight management over recipes of foods and beverages
  • Meet product quality, consistency, and traceability requirements
  • Quick access to records is a time saver and speeds up the procedures involved

Plan effectively

Whether you manufacture to order, to stock or a mixture of both, the Production Planning module gives you the tools to effectively plan. When a change in demand occurs, whether that be in terms of quantity or delivery dates, there is the ability to quickly assess if it is possible to meet these new requirements, and when. Minimum stock levels indicators give the production team early warnings that stock levels are running low, and new batches are required to maintain optimum stock levels.

  • Plan production more efficiently
  • Reduce stock holding to a minimum
  • Consistently meet customer requirements

Seamless integration with other NotaZone modules

Once again this production module is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the NotaZone platform to create a complete end to end trace and production management solution. Raw material stock is cleverly allocated to a days production by a series of simple scans, ensuring the full trace chain is unbroken. Adding in vital temperature, cleaning records and other essential checks against a production batch ensures compliance.

  • Simplify the production process
  • Easily demonstrate full trace throughout multi-ingredient manufacturing
  • Meet or exceed food safety standards
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