Follow This Food

Agrantec’s in-house campaign connects local food producers with consumers. As an online platform, it provides producers and consumers with a forum to engage and discuss food practices and processes. As a provenance campaign, it uses active labelling technology to enable consumers to see the product's journey, from farm to fork.
NotaZone's partner taste of the west

Taste of the West

Taste of the West is the largest independent regional food group in the UK and promotes local food and drinks within the South-West region. The prestigious Taste of the West awards are held annually in celebration of the rich talent. Agrantec has been the category sponsor at the awards since 2017, a partnership built on the shared ethos encouraging and supporting local producers.
Agrantec sponsors BigBarn

Big Barn

Big Barn focuses on encouraging and connecting local producers and consumers across Britain. Agrantec joined Big Barn as a member in 2018 to partner with food producers that seek to adopt traceability, and grow their provenance efforts.