Paper to Paperless, the easy way.

NotaZone, powered by Agrantec, enables you to stay in control of your production and always be food safety audit-ready. The simple-to-use Inventory Management and Traceability software effortlessly bring your entire product sales journey from customer to dispatch into one place.

WhatNotaZone can do for you…

NotaZone integrates with leading third-party apps to bring you end-to-end traceability all-in-one place. Click here to see the list of e-commerce, finance, courier, and hardware integrations.

How can I future-proof my business with NotaZone

Whether you are a new business or an established name in the industry, we know you are striving to establish transparent and good quality processes. NotaZone’s easy-to-use platform empowers you to save time and money. Here are some example’s of how you can future-proof your business with NotaZone.

Many successful businesses on the growth path face a turning point in the technology they use to manage their businesses. Whether it is a robust paper-based system or jottings on pieces-of-paper, the quick availability can face real challenges in the long run. These challenges can include, lack of visibility, accuracy, availability of paperwork at the right time and even security.

Our client, Marshfield Farm was lucky to be facing a similar growth spurt when we met. Producing over 10,000 litres of ice cream a day in a variety of flavours, they needed an IT platform which was sustainable and easy-to-use. They use NotaZone to gain visibility of goods-in and stock inventory levels for effective production planning and forecasting. Since adopting NotaZone, Marshfield effectively manages their packaging and stock spread across their production unit and storage warehouse, saving them time and money.

NotaZone’s implementation strategy is tailored to your specific need or goal. The strategy focuses on ensuring trace is set up and ready for use quickly and effectively. 

Our client, Enjoy Raw Chocolate Ltd was keen to get started with NotaZone’s trace. They responded well to the training remotely and support provided during implementation and had trace set-up within one week.

Small operations are the cornerstones of big corporations! Recognising the potential of your business and its growth requirements at an early stage can ensure you are ready for the changes in the future.

Our client, Native Breeds, needed to capture large quantities of food safety, quality and trace data. A lean management structure meant they needed a tool that is robust and comprehensive. NotaZone empowers them to manage stock and forecast for the future, saving them valuable time in their day-to-day operation, ready for any opportunity.