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Eat with our eyes: The importance of good branding

Imagine a scenario where you as a consumer are walking past a shelf full of cook-at-home sauces. Each bottle of sauce claims to be the miracle worker that will elevate your cooking from novice to Masterchef. With no way of tasting the sauce beforehand, what will help you make the purchase decision? 

You could quickly google reviews of each sauce on the shelf but that would take a considerable amount of time and effort. So instead you trust your instinct and let your eyes be the judge. 

Is it the attractive logo and product label that holds your attention? Is it the easy step-by-step guide that gives you confidence? Is it the promise of low salt/sugar/organic that meets your health requirements? 

Regardless of which question resonates with your needs, a well-branded product would include each of these elements. 

Historically, food businesses have used these common marketing techniques to elevate their product and highlight their product’s USPs:

  • Health or nutrient claims such as Calcium helps to build strong bones.
  • Bright and eye-catching colours and photography
  • Memorable slogans, songs and jingles, or catchphrases
  • Free or exclusive prizes
  • Celebrities and cartoon characters as spokespeople
  • Sale or discount prices

For each technique, if the consumer does not find the final dish your product helps in making appetising, all the activities result in nothing. 

A good inventory management system such as NotaZone can enable you as a food producer to notice customer patterns and behaviour that can also help in consumer research when making not only your stock purchase decisions but also your marketing and branding decisions.

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