Meet The Leads

Martin Coates

Managing Director
As Managing Director of Agrantec, Martin Coates brings over 25 years of experience leading start-ups, turnarounds, and public companies. Throughout his career, Martin has applied the same skill set to companies at various stages of development – identifying an untapped market, building a world-class team, and devising/executing a clear strategic plan.

Adrian Talbot

Business Development Director
Adrian Talbot holds extensive software sales and leadership experience at Agrantec. His ability to customise and seek the best fit for businesses ensures customers receive the perfect solution to their operational problems.

With an eye for opportunity, Adrian directs sales strategy and drives revenue for the company.

Andy Bingham

Operations Director
Andy Bingham oversees technology efforts and core company building activities at Agrantec. Balancing high innovation with product lifecycle realities, Andy leads engineers to deliver quality digital products and platforms.

A technological expert, Andy overlooks the product lifecycle, including feature definition, prioritization, and delivery.

Matt Hoskings

Development Manager
Matt manages our team of developers day-to-day and provides the technical lead on NotaZone's user interface and user experience. With many years experience of software development, Matt has a sound understanding of how to deliver an excellent product from a users perspective as well as how to manage Agile development processes.

Thomas Phillips

Senior Development & Symfony Lead
Tom leads the sub-team of developers working on the Symfony framework for the NotaZone web interface. A recent graduate of UWE, Tom is full of ideas and enthusiasm on how to make NotaZone even better for our users.

Kayleigh Davies

Customer Support Consultant
Kayleigh Davies provides personalised support to Agrantec’s existing customers. She focuses on ensuring each business has a seamless onboarding process, offering guidance, and supporting our customer’s long-term success.

Surabhi Miah

Marketing Consultant
As the Marketing Consultant at Agrantec, Surabhi Miah has a strong focus on generating revenue through successful marketing across the entire company. She leads the metrics-driven marketing strategy for Agrantec, covering SEO, digital, content, lead generation, product marketing, advertising and public relations.