A new initiative to support female farmers working with sheep, Ladies in Lamb aims to encourage more women to enter the industry, support those already involved in sustainable sheep farming and celebrate their successes.

By providing a platform for hard-working female sheep farmers, Ladies in Lamb will also promote the benefits of eating sustainably-reared British lamb, countering the declining consumption of this nutritious and healthy meat.

Launched in September 2017 this is a young initiative and we are actively looking for contributions from those involved in the industry.
We want to publish your stories, hear of your successes - and those days when things didn't go so well - share your images and your mouth-watering recipes.

We believe that if we work together Ladies in Lamb can raise awareness of the quality of the great British lamb produced in this country and give the industry a real boost.

Martin Coates, Managing Director at Agrantec Ltd shares his views on Ladies in Lamb and why it's the need of the hour.