HACCP Data Management

HACCP is a systematic approach to production that is designed to prevent hazards from occurring. HACCP compliance is one of those tasks that just needs to be done right. Any mistakes in food safety can have very costly consequences - including prison sentences. NotaZone makes it easy to track all your HACCPs data & documentation quickly and easily, giving you complete peace of mind. The NotaZone HACCPs mobile app makes it simple for staff to record HACCP information quickly in their normal production work flow.


The simplest way to create and track all your HACCP records

NotaZone allows you to create and track all your HACCP records in a single repository, making it easy to store, manage and share the documented HACCP plan, with fully automatic version control.

NotaZone’s HACCP Data Management module allows you to have all your HACCP records available at your fingertips, with every point in the process documented completely and accurately.

  • Quickly record all your CCP checks in a central data management system
  • Record any notes and observations in real-time: text, voice, # and @ tags
  • Save time by attaching files, voice memos, photos

Assign and track all your HACCP Corrective Actions in one place

When you need to address a process issue, NotaZone allow you manage your process changes with a clear structure that automatically keeps full records of what was done, by whom and when.

NotaZone also allows you to carefully assess the root cause of a process issue, and what produce has been impacted by any process weaknesses.

  • Assign Corrective Actions and issue change notifications
  • Manage Corrective Actions to ensure timely completion
  • Understand root causes through effective process analysis

Generate timely, accurate reports to manage your production system

NotaZone provides detailed reports about HACCP Corrective Actions, with the ability to focus on a selected time period, department, product or individual.

Results can be compare against previous periods, to understand how Corrective Actions are varying over time, where repeat issues occur, which operators are in need of additonal training, allowing management to develop a focussed plan for improvement.

  • Understand process weaknesses – equipment, personnel, methods
  • Manage issues with full transparency, tracking and closure
  • Become proactive about HACCP control by addressing issues early
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