Goldhill Organics links the chain with FollowthisFood and active labelling

Goldhill Organics, the Dorset-based online food delivery company, has become the first meat box-scheme retailer to offer customers detailed information about the provenance and sustainability of their meat using FollowThisFood and active labelling.

“Dorset food producers first in UK to use meat traceability app”

Tracing food to source is a fundamental requirement to having the assurance that you are getting what you expected. Doing this with a supply chain that is anything other than direct from farm to you requires every element to work together.

Agrantec has tested the direct sales model with other farmers, but now with Goldhill the chain is complete from farmer to retailer/distributor.

Getting the technology to work in a way that didn’t burden the supply chain with extra administration was critical. Allowing the publication of information collected turns administration work into marketing.

After all for the best food producers, you are simply what you do, not what you claim.