Go paperless

Tired of trying to find scraps of paper or well-hidden emails at a critical moment? NotaZone helps you digitise all your process paperwork; critical communications; and compliance information into a single online library that can be accessed for inspection instantaneously, from anywhere.


Store and track all important documents

NotaZone is designed to be able to store any kind of document so that it is readily available for retrieval anytime, anywhere, by anyone authorised.

Any updates to documents can be controlled and tracked through access rights and an automatic version control system.

  • Upload any type of document for instant global access
  • Decide who can access specific documents
  • Provide a complete audit trail at a moment’s notice

Spot documentation issues before they are critical

One of the simplest but most powerful benefits of NotaZone is the way it allows you to identify documentation gaps before they become critical and causes costly delays.

By applying a standard checklist to process steps, any missing paperwork can be quickly identified and corrected.

  • Apply simple checklists to every major process step
  • Quickly spot documentation issues with a traffic light system
  • Assign corrective actions directly within the system

Let everyone in the process have instant access, anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based software has several strong advantages, not least of which is the inexpensive cost of getting started. But the strengths of NotaZone really become evident when you have a team stretched around a global supply chain.

When it’s 10AM in Shanghai and the UK factory is sleeping, all the data and documents needed are directly available via a login and a singe click. Simplicity itself, saving your time and money.

  • Easy to get started and scale as required
  • Available everywhere, at any time
  • Access from any device – smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop
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