Food Safety Management

Paperless Documentation

We use limitless cloud technology to keep your important paperwork safe. You can store, amend and track data easily to ensure your documents are up-to-date for your upcoming food safety audit.

One-stop Solution

Centralise your food safety and quality management processes and reduce the need for several, overlapping systems.

Peace of Mind

As businesses grow, so does the need for reminders and alerts. We send you helpful notifications to ensure your work is accomplished effectively and on time.

Eliminate Manual Reporting

People make mistakes. Our automated functionality generates accurate and exhaustive reports enabling you to collect and analyse data and generate reports with a click!

Planning Made Easy

Having all your systems in one place and perfectly aligned gives you great oversight capabilities.

HACCP Compliant

You can manage process changes with a clear structure that automatically keeps a full record of what was done, by whom and when.