Follow This Food

For independent or smaller producers, capturing the value of high quality food production in a noisy and dominated marketplace can be very difficult. Based on the data and descriptions you enter into NotaZone, the Follow This Food app helps explain your core value and defend your prices to end customers.

Allow your end customers to learn about your product and production methodology

Follow This Food is designed to help end customers understand why your food is of higher quality and value than other options on the supermarket shelf.

We re-purpose specific elements from your production data to allow customers to trace individual products back through the supply chain to the source producer and even animal.

A simple bar code sticker is scanned into a smartphone and immediately the shopper can learn more about where the produce comes from and how it was produced, helping to defend your price point against cheaper and lower quality produce.

  • Explain why your food is unique
  • Differentiate your produce from competitors
  • Defend your price point with proof
  • Create a connection with end consumers

Create brand loyalty and defend your price point directly at the point of sale

If the consumer doesn’t know why one product is better than another, it’s much harder to persuade them to pay a higher Price or build a prefernce for your produce. Most consumers just see the same product with another price, and often choose the cheaper variety.

Follow This Food allows you to communicate directly with the customer at the point of sale, helping create trust in your brand and a preference for your produce. It allows you to explain why that produce is better for the consumer, and costs more money to produce.

  • Explain your production techniques
  • Create a closer connection to consumers
  • Develop brand awareness and loyalty
  • Offer a rationale for higher prices

Explain the quality and value of your brand directly, on every single item.

Uniquely Follow This Food also allows the consumer to see the provenance of each individual item – every single cut of meat or basket of produce is tracked from source to shelf, and can be traced back to the producer directly, in a way that is impossible with standardized lower quality produce.

This means that consumers can learn precisely where your produce comes from, when it was produced, how it was produced, who produced it and why that matters for the health and well-being of their family.

  • Each item is unique and special
  • The consumer becomes educated about your brand values
  • Your openess develops a trusted relationship
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