For Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Deer and Other Species

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Farmango provides a complete solution to the management of your animals.  It helps you to keep track of births, movements, deaths, treatments, diets, protocols and much more.  It also helps everyone involved in the rearing of your animals to work together better as a team.

No software


With Farmango there is no software to install on your computer.  There are no software updates to worry about either.  No backing up to do.  No virus management to keep updated.  All you have to do is use it to help you manage the farm.

Farmango is hosted for you on a set of massively redundant servers in a geo redundant data farm.  It is looked after by a team of dedicated data professionals who carry out all of the necessary management tasks such as backing up and virus checking.  This means that your farm information is safe and always available.

Use it anywhere

Farmango is accessed via an internet connection.  This means that you can use it on any type of device.  You can use a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or a smart phone to access your farm information.

You can access farm information directly wherever you are: in the farmhouse, out in the fields or at the market.  You are never out of touch.

Sharable information

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Farmango is designed for sharing.  You can decide to share information with anyone you like.  This can be farm workers.  It could be your vet.  It could also be one of your customers or suppliers.

All of this adds value for everyone and improves overall efficiency.

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