Counting birds with NotaZone

Counting birds with NotaZone

We at Agrantec have always believed the scope of traceability and in turn, NotaZone, is only limited to our imagination. Last year, we had the opportunity to work with Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to create a platform built on NotaZone’s capabilities to facilitate their annual Big Farmland Bird Count survey.  

In a world with complex and varied species, requirements and processes, it is imperative that traceability plays an important role. Innovation is the backbone of Agrantec’s success and when the opportunity to support a British Charity such as GWCT arose, we rose to the challenge!

The Big Farmland Bird Count is a survey carried out “to highlight the good work done by farmers and gamekeepers in helping to reverse the decline in farmland bird numbers.” For the first three years, data was recorded and collated using excel and paper from farmers and gamekeepers. This created operational challenges such as lack of a centralised data point, inaccuracy, loss of records and traceability among others.

Agrantec’s team was given the task to understand the needs of the survey and its participants and respond with a solution that effectively managed time and resources to speedily record data and make feedback available.

Using NotaZone’s data management and cloud technology, a new survey was created, which allowed survey participants and GWCT to store data where they could analyse the information collected in one place. Using tablets and mobiles, Farmers could now update their results easily on to the system alongside any supporting documents, making the exercise less cumbersome for the participants. Using paperless technology, GWCT were also able to collect any feedback from farmers instantly and share the results when available.

At Agrantec, we wanted to ensure data collected and stored is secure not just for the survey but for the participants. Two separate portals were created in NotaZone for Farmers as well as the GWCT administrators, enabling each party to have complete control over their data and what they wished to share in the public sphere, making personal record keeping and note-taking, easier.

After two years of working with GWCT and responding to the evolution of the survey and its needs, we are excited for the future and look forward to ensuring NotaZone continues to be a tool that empowers industries that seek traceability and superior data management. We always aim to use technology to Innovate new solutions to cater to and empower key players and facilitators in the industry. Explore NotaZone and its various capabilities here: NotaZone 

Surging Forward

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