New HACCPs quick recording mobile app

Agrantec have launched our new HACCPs app, to help staff record HACCPs information during production quickly and easily into the NotaZone HACCPs module. The app records data like temperature, pH, aW, Metal detection and cleaning, against production batches or physical locations. … Read More

Goldhill Organics links the chain with FollowThisFood and active labelling

Goldhill Organics, the Dorset-based online food delivery company, has become the first meat box-scheme retailer to offer customers detailed information about the provenance and sustainability of their meat using FollowThisFood and active labelling. “Dorset food producers first in UK to use … Read More

Agrantec assists with GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count

Agrantec NotaZone software will support the work of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) in the 4th Big Farmland Bird Count.

Agrantec sponsors Taste of the West Food & Drink Awards 2016

Bristol-based agricultural software specialist Agrantec has agreed a two-year sponsorship deal with regional food and drink award scheme, the Taste of the West Awards. Agrantec will support the 2016 Champion Meat & Poultry award, the winner of which will be … Read More

Agrantec featured in Bristol Food Network Summer newsletter

Agrantec highlights 5 food production techniques hidden on food labels in the latest Bristol Food Network Newsletter.

Agrantec presents NotaZone at Livestock NEC 2016

Agrantec CEO Martin Coates presented the NotaZone tracing solution during Livestock 2016 at the Birmingham NEC on 8 July 2016, demonstrating the way NotaZone allows producers to track and trace livestock via a mobile app to ensure regulatory compliance.

Growing concern over beef supply offers an opportunity for farmers claims Agrantec

Recently the news has been full of scandals about beef supply.   These have included the story about horse meat and pork being found in beef burgers.   There have also been stories about stolen cattle and other animals which are then … Read More

Farmango now provides a direct link to BCMS Nov 2012

Agrantec, the British agri-food supply chain management service company, today announced a significant upgrade to its Farmango cloud based farm management system.   Farmango is now offered with a direct link to BCMS, the British Government’s cattle movement register.    The system … Read More