Food assurance

Goldhill Organics links the chain with FollowThisFood and active labelling

Goldhill Organics, the Dorset-based online food delivery company, has become the first meat box-scheme retailer to offer customers detailed information about the provenance and sustainability of their meat using FollowThisFood and active labelling. “Dorset food producers first in UK to use … Read More

Farming Futures features Agrantec call for “active labelling”

Agrantec CEO Martin Coates features in Farming Futures article on “active” labelling of food.

Agrantec call for “active labelling” features in New Food Magazine

New Food Magazine ran a front page featuring a call from Agrantec CEO Martin Coates for “active labelling” in food production.

Agrantec featured in Bristol Food Network Summer newsletter

Agrantec highlights 5 food production techniques hidden on food labels in the latest Bristol Food Network Newsletter.

Agrantec joins Taste of the West to Highlight Need for Food Provenance

Bristol food tracing specialist Agrantec has joined Taste of the West, the largest independent regional food group in the UK, to help drive attention to the need for transparency about food sourcing and provenance. Taste of the West is a … Read More

Agrantec Signs First Large Enterprise Customers to NotaZone Tracing Platform

Agrantec now supports one of the UK’s largest ethical food industry associations on the NotaZone food production tracing platform. Agrantec, the UK-based developer of software solutions to help small producers save time and gain value, has won new enterprise customers … Read More

Agrantec sees strong traffic growth on consumer food tracking website FollowThisFood

Agrantec, the UK-based developer of systems that helps small producers save time and gain retail value, has seen triple digit growth in retail trace traffic at “When we launched FollowThisFood it was the first site to open this data … Read More

British Library TalkScience Series Addresses Genetically Modified Crops

The British Library ran a recent TalkScience event on GM crops, in which the expert panel explored some of the less obvious risks associated with GM crop technology.The GM crop era may seem like a golden age of technofixes, and that GM … Read More

Allergen Labelling Rules Pose Challenge for Food Processors

From December this year it is expected that new regulations* will require the whole foodservice sector, including restaurants, pubs and cafes, to track allergenic ingredients going into their dishes.  The list of ingredients covered includes milk, gluten, fish, nuts and … Read More

Organised Food Crime

The Growing Business of Food Crime By Robin Burton The business of organised crime has recently found itself faced with a falling market for drugs.  Today only 8% of people admit to taking illegal drugs compared with 11% 15 years … Read More