Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

The Beginning

We began our journey with Marshfield Farm, ice cream producer, in late 2017, after a successful summer for the company. The company produces 10,000 litres of ice cream a day in a variety of flavours, using milk from their own farm in their production unit near Bath in Wiltshire. Will Hawking, Managing Director at Marshfield Farm, wished to explore a sustainable and easy-to-use platform to record and manage the company’s operational practices.

Our journey

Over the years Marshfield Farm has been going from strength to strength. With prolonged summers and good weather, their operations have been pushed to keep up with the growing demand of their premium product. As a result, the company needs to ensure they have a central platform to record, monitor and update its stock and production supply chain.

Initially, like most growing businesses, the company relied on the expertise and experience of their loyal employees, however, as operations grew, a need to have a paperless, consistent and clear database was identified.

During busy production periods, the company needs visibility of goods-in and stock inventory levels to ensure they effectively plan and forecast their production. NotaZone’s array of modules including production planning and forecasting, stock management and other’s allow Marshfield Farm to effectively search, record and filter their records to have clear traceability.

Way forward

With NotaZone, Marshfield Farm has been able to effectively forecast their production, spot trends during busy periods in inventory management while ensuring stock levels are maintained at all times.

Central data software such as NotaZone also brings transparency and easy access to operational records for the entire company, ensuring valuable information is securely and consistently recorded.

Currently, Marshfield Farm uses NotaZone to manage their packaging materials as well as all ingredients used in their operations spread across its production unit and storage warehouse.

“The summer of 2018 effectively put NotaZone and its contribution to production and planning modules to test. As an ice cream business, the prolonged good business meant we needed key information to ensure we are prepared for the increase in demand while maintaining the supply chain for our production and warehouse teams.” - Will Hawking, Managing Director, Marshfield Farm

Native Breeds

The Beginning

Martin Kelly, Chief Executive at Native Breeds first contacted Agrantec in April 2017 to discuss traceability across the company’s various operations. As a premium charcuterie business, they produce high risk high care products and recognised the need for a paperless system to effectively trace and record the making of their products.

Our Journey

In June 2017, Native Breeds was using a mainly paper based system to record their processes. Recognising the need for an efficient and effective food traceability and data management platform, NotaZone and its features were in line with the team’s vision for their future.

Collectively, Native Breeds were looking for a paperless system that provides them with improved data gathering and analysis, while linking quality assurance and food safety effectively.


NotaZone uses cloud technology to enable fast, easy-to-use and secure data uploads, to give full traceability and production management.

The platform has been built by keeping traceability at its core. The intelligent system can manage a multitude of data, images, and documents while ensuring data is accessible easily, from anywhere, at any time.

As a premium high care producer, Native Breeds needed to capture large quantities of food safety, quality and trace data, maintain a comprehensive checklist for regular audits, and have complete visibility of their records.

Since implementation, NotaZone has successfully provided the team with accurate and complete traceability while the team has developed and enhanced the systems capabilities to best meet Native’s specific requirements.

Way Forward

Since set up, Native Breeds has evolved to a completely paperless system, freeing the company’s valuable time and resources for running and expanding the business.

As an organisation on the brink of expansion, they are now capable of accessing and tracing business critical information easily ensuring that they are audit ready, every day.

Over the months, Agrantec have worked alongside the team at Native Breeds to use NotaZone effectively and enhance the business and its commitment to traceability.

If you wish to go paperless and would like to take the next step to adopt an effective data management and traceability system, get in touch. “As a business, we see the value in using the latest technology to record, maintain and trace data. Since using NotaZone, we have found we can share and update data more efficiently making us audit ready without the need for a technical officer.” –Martin Kelly, Chief Executive, Native Breeds

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Native Breeds. Their responsiveness to our suggestions and their feedback has been invaluable. We are proud to work alongside Native Breeds and it is a great feeling to know that our software can in some way help such a high-quality product to reach more plates.” -Richard Newman, Customer Support Consultant, Agrantec Ltd

Boddington Berries

The Beginning

Boddington Berries responded to a marketing campaign carried out by Agrantec with Taste of the West (ToTW). The special offer, exclusive for members of ToTW, provided Boddington Berries two full days of support FREE.

Taste of the West

ToTW are the largest independent regional food group in the UK and promote local food and drinks from the West Country. Agrantec has sponsored a category at the Taste of the West awards for the last three years and offers exclusive offers to its members as part of their partnership. Boddington Berries became a member of ToTW in 2017.

Our journey

Boddington Berries have always displayed a commitment to traceability and had a system in place before making contact with Agrantec. In the beginning they decided to run both systems in tandem to recognise the best fit. Our team worked with Boddington Berries to provide the best solution for their needs which led to Agrantec’s NotaZone becoming the sole software used in operations.

After the initial 2 day set-up, the company have needed little additional support to manage and update NotaZone with their records. NotaZone provides them with complete traceability and transparency inside their business by using barcode technology. They are now able to trace and track the entire jam production process including ingredients, packaging, end products and labels ensuring their process is fully transparent and food safety regulated.

Way forward

The need for traceability in today’s dynamic food industry is persistently gaining importance. As growth and new opportunities come knocking, NotaZone and Boddington Berries work together to create a robust system to meet their complex needs. We evolve and develop our solutions to meet our client’s growing needs, ensuring we grow together and partner in the industry’s success.

To work with client’s such as Boddington Berries that not only recognise its need, but also respond to it, allows companies such as Agrantec to ensure best practices and transparent supply chains are maintained.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to take the next step to trace and transparency, get in touch: If you would like to join the conversation on Follow this Food, please visit our website If you would like to read Adrian Talbot’s (Business Development Director) blog on Taste of the West, please visit

“Full traceability is important to us and NotaZone allows us to track our production, store our recipes and ensure we have full control of our suppliers and customer data. We wish to stay a step ahead and with NotaZone’s help we know we are SALSA audit ready every day!” - Lousie Boddington, Owner, Boddington Berries

“Our aim is to provide quick and easy support to clients to ensure they can setup and hit the ground running as soon as possible. Boddington Berries showed a real commitment to future proofing their business with traceability and adapted to NotaZone within a very short period!” - Richard Newman, Customer Support Consultant

Blackmore Vale Butchery

The Beginning

In 2013, Martin Coates, Agrantec’s Managing Director, contacted Blackmore Vale Butchery to pilot Follow this Food (FtF). As a supporter to locally produced quality products, the ethos of FtF resonated with Gavin, owner of Blackmore Vale Butchery.

Follow this Food

FtF is Agrantec’s initiative to empower farmers and manufacturers with a platform to engage and interact with consumers. Consumers can ask questions about locally produced products, learn accurate information directly from the suppliers and share knowledge with others. Using the latest active labelling technology, it enables complete transparency to the ‘farm to fork’ process.

Our journey

After initial setup by Agrantec, Blackmore Vale Butchery quickly adapted to the easy-to-use active labelling system and labelled their products with FtF QR codes on the date of butchery. Using a mobile phone, consumers were then able to scan or enter the QR code on the FtF website and trace the journey the animal did have from Farm to Fork.

Over the years, Gavin and Blackmore Vale Butchery have been instrumental in the evolution and advancement of the active labelling process used by FtF.

Today, a manufacturer can create and print labels and record a wide variety of data such as, details of the slaughterhouse, delivery dates and more. As an automated process, the labels save the information using cloud technology ensuring it is secure and easy to trace in the future.

Way forward

In the current environment, active labelling and transparency are vital. Consumers are informed; and demand high quality and complete transparency. Active labelling allows consumers to access important information about their food with a click while the labelling process empowers manufacturers to showcase their passion and commitment to quality.

If you would like to join the conversation on Follow this Food, please visit our website If you are a manufacturer and would like to take the next step to transparency, get in touch:

“I have seen Follow this Food evolve from an idea to its present state and I am very proud to have played a central role. As a local butchery, I am enjoying success built on two fundamental beliefs, quality products and trust from consumers. I am happy that FtF brings the two elements together and will continue to use it in my new shop.” - Gavin Keen, Blackmore Vale Butchery

Surging Forward

Agrantec enables you to future-proof your success with NotaZone when you trust, trace and transform.


NotaZone simplifies your traceability and provenance goals. Keeping trace at its core, the software equips you to operate effectively and efficiently.


Traceability in your processes and trust in NotaZone’s robust functionality empowers your business to transform.


Agrantec promises to provide consistent, simple and accurate reporting of complex data. Your trust in NotaZone, allows you to build trust with your customers.