Case Study

Active Labelling offers Consumers confidence

Earlier this year, NFU called for the introduction of mandatory origin labelling of meat and milk in processed products.

What is active labelling?

Active labelling allows consumers to follow the food from farm to fork. At every step of its life, consumers can have clear visibility of the processing techniques, temperature management and ethical processes.

Current Scenario
Martin Coates, Agrantec’s Managing Director explains, “While schemes such as Red Tractor logo offer some measure of reassurance to consumers, they are very much passive labels. They show that you have joined a scheme that has some standards and audits producers occasionally. But there is no guarantee that every product meets the standard.”

Agrantec’s Solution
Within NotaZone is a built-in active labelling option for producers and consumers. FollowthisFood allows consumers to scan a QR code with a smartphone and trace the product back to the source provider, and even to an individual animal. This provides authenticity, demonstrates quality and builds trust in suppliers. And for producers, it enhances retail positioning and price- even for the smallest local brand.

Client Testimonial
NotaZone user, Quentin Edwards from Cool Farms in Wiltshire shares his experience of using active labelling. “We produce high value quality beef from our historic Red Poll cattle and it is important that customers know how our beef is raised and processed. At a click of a mouse, we can share detailed information on food welfare and compliance with our local partners, butchers and consumers. From a business point of view, it makes complex compliance elements much more efficient and streamlined, saving time and money on paperwork. As a small producer, this is a vital tool and is clearly beneficial to the customer.”

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