Trust. Trace. Transform.

Agrantec develops and markets cloud supply chain software to help food businesses work more effectively and so improve the quality, safety and supply chain management of our food.

Our software empowers food manufacturers, processors and suppliers, allowing them to be transparent and in control.

What makes us different?

The food supply chain is complex but tracking the food and suppliers doesn’t need to be. The NotaZone platform provides a simple cloud solution to help record and track all key production data, food safety records and supplier information.  It saves time and resources, is easy and efficient to use, and is suitable  for sole traders as well as large enterprises. From food safety audits to day-to-day operations, NotaZone will help you transform your business, creating data you can trust, ensuring full traceability and providing the information you need to move forward.

Our Ethos?

Our commitment to creating an open and transparent food supply chain does not end here. As part of the NotaZone platform, Followthisfood hosts informed and open discussions about everything food-related, providing a space to debate, educate and promote your produce to customers who share your ethos.