Our Story

In 2010, Martin Coates, Managing Director at Agrantec, noticed a gap in the market for intuitive food traceability software.

Responding to growing momentum for food traceability, Agrantec introduced NotaZone, its traceability and ERP software. Capable of managing and tracing everything from inventory to customer dispatch, the software brings traceability to the entire supply chain of your business.

The simple and easy-to-use traceability software is not limited to a management tool. It allows your business, regardless of size, to adopt transparent best practices and provenance.

In this video, Martin Coates shares his vision for traceability with NotaZone:

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Our Ethos

As a dynamic company working within an ever-changing technological landscape, we are built on three pillars: Trust, Trace, Transform.

Agrantec is committed to building and instilling trust. NotaZone our simple and easy-to-use traceability software, equips you to manage your business effectively, showcasing your provenance efforts. This provides you and your customers peace-of-mind.

We understand that every business has its unique needs and that everything is traceable. NotaZone is capable of responding to your requirements and providing solutions that enable you to trace.

When trust and trace combine, businesses transform. Your transparent processes and commitment to provenance empowered by NotaZone is the perfect recipe for your business’s growth.

The three pillars equip NotaZone’s users to surge forward towards success.