230k+ records and 13k+ traceable batches of food recorded in NotaZone in 2017!

NotaZone is a food traceability platform, used across the food industry, to showcase their commitment to traceability and efficient data management practices. The easy-to-use software uses cloud technology and is capable of recording, updating and tracing large quantities of data.

Here is a snapshot of how food manufacturers and producers are using the platform for their businesses:

235075 Records in the system

13884 Traceable batches of food

8677 Customer orders

8570 Files uploaded

6300 HACCP records

5000 Products

Built on a solid foundation of innovation and commitment to the food industry, here are Agrantec’s 7 big accomplishments of 2017:

  1. HACCP app– A new app which works seamlessly with NotaZone to help record data such as temperature, pH, aW, metal detection and cleaning was launched.
  2. Newwebsite– As the digital landscape gains momentum, we wanted to ensure we provide you with updated information that is easy to read and navigate.
  3. Twitter– We love talking about food and best practices within the industry and joined the twitter bandwagon with gusto! Since August we have enjoyed engaging and sharing ideas on our social media platforms.
  4. House of Lords reportcontribution- Animal welfare received its fair share of attention last year. Agrantec’s suggestions of active labelling and better welfare measures was referenced in the year’s report.
  5. #LadiesinLamb–  In a bid to promote British Farming and providing shepherdess’s with a platform to engage and share, a newcampaign was launched on twitter.
  6. Development: We have consolidated our position within the food manufacturing sector with added functionality around stock control, HACCP, forecasting, production planning and reporting.
  7. Bespoke Projects:
    1. Created and supported GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) survey. The survey is sponsored by BASF and delivered in partnership with FWAG Association and LEAF with support from the NFU and CLA.
    2. Created and supported Nestlé’s environmental project within their dairy supply chain managing environmental improvements, with support from First Milk.

If you would like to future proof your business with NotaZone, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.