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Agrantec NotaZone

The fast, flexible way to capture, share and monetize food production data.

NotaZone solves the problem of quickly and accurately assuring your food production processes using active labelling. NotaZone is an easy-to-use, inexpensive system that helps you improve collaboration, reduce paperwork and make more money.

Limitless scalability

NotaZone works at any scale, from one user to an entire multi-national organization.

Secure & Reliable

All your critical documents are stored securely in the cloud, backed-up and safe from destruction.

Zero delays

Instant digital availability avoids all the problems and delays of missing papers, staff illness or informal processes.

Store anything

Any type of data – text, picture, PDF, scans, voice memos, videos, measurement data. Notazone handles it all.

Automatic tracking

Eliminate mis-filed or missing document delays – once stored they are always available, anytime, anywhere.

Save time & money

Reduce delays, improve collaboration and cut losses by as much as 25%

What NotaZone Users Say

At last one place where I can keep all the little pieces of information that show I comply with regulations.
Brian, Devon Chairman
I used to fear inspections and audits. Now I run my own real-time audit every single day of the week.
John, Somerset CEO
NotaZone is as easy-to-use as a Post-It note. If your employees can use Facebook, they can easily use NotaZone.
Mark, Avon Production Manager

Designed to support the food production process

NotaZone has been designed to support the unique needs of the food production industry. From the source animal or farm to the end consumer, every stage of the production process can be tracked and checked, from any terminal at any time by almost anybody, creating a more efficient and cost-effective production process.

  • Specifically focused on the Food production industry
  • Supports all major steps in the production chain
  • Offers end-to-end availability, anywhere on the planet, day or night
  • Save both time and money

NotaZone doesn't just save money, it helps you make more

NotaZone is designed to streamline processes on the production side of your business by removing delays and helping spot errors. And by re-purposing the production data to help educate end customers, NotaZone also helps explain the value of your product and defend your pricing using active labelling.

  • Expedite production and shipping processes
  • Avoid costly mistakes or delays
  • Defend your product’s value right on the shelf
  • Create a direct connection to your end customer

Easy to start small and grow with your needs

Because NotaZone is cloud-based, you don’t need any IT knowledge or setup to get started. Simply chose the plan that suits you and get going within 60 seconds. And when you need to add more people or processes, it’s a simple mouse click away.

  • Get started in moments
  • Add solution modules as you need them
  • Add new users as your need grows
  • No IT to manage – ever

4 Reasons Why NotaZone Will Improve Your Business

NotaZone offers numerous features and benefits for even the smallest producer, but we’ve boiled it down to four key areas that will help you and your business.


Notazone takes care of all the complex tracking and consistency checking of your data management process automatically, behind the scenes, making life easier.


All you have to do is scan or upload your data or documents and they are stored and available forever. No more paper or emails to find and manage.

Low cost

NotaZone saves you money by removing the need for expensive software and IT Systems and also cuts delays in your process that can be very costly.


Even if you are a local producer, your products may be shipped worldwide. NotaZone makes your documentation & data globally available – 24/7/365.