What can NotaZone do for you?

Supply Chain Management

Whether handling dozens or hundreds of orders, NotaZone ensures you can process them in a fast and organised fashion. Our easy-to-use, efficient software offers a simple way to streamline complex supplier and data management processes.


Sometimes things can go wrong and it’s not always easy to trace the problem quickly back to the root cause. With NotaZone you can trace every unit as it moves through the production process, storing the data for later retrieval and assessment and making sure the process is right.


Food Safety Management

Would your business like to be audit-ready, every day? NotaZone makes it easy to trace all your HACCP records, quickly and easily. Our cloud technology allows you to create, update and trace records securely giving you the assurance that you are always audit-ready!




“While working with Agrantec, we were impressed by the difference the traceability platform made in our information gathering capability. Even our partner, Nestlé, was impressed by the software’s robust yet simple functionality.”

– Jim Egan, Head of Development and Training, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

“We began using NotaZone’s trace and track features to demonstrate our commitment to quality and transparency to the end user. The platform is easy-to-use and scalable to our specific needs.”

-Gavin Keen, Owner, Blackmore Vale Butchery

Blackmore Vale Butchery

“At Plenty Pies, we chose Agrantec to support our day-to-day operations with minimum disruption. Since using NotaZone’s data management and traceability features, we have received our EHO accreditation.”

-Sophie Barnett, Production Manager, Plenty Pies

Plenty Pies